Muffin Cake

Today tried baking Muffin Cake.

I bought the mix floor from office mate who has the bakery nearby her house (One Bakery Ingredients – 002251947-V). Ingredients as follows:

Muffin mix floor – 500g

Egg – 175g (3~ pieces)

Water – 110g

Vegetable Oil/Melted Butter 135g (I’m using Daisy Corn Oil instead)

3 large spoon of Fine Ganulated Sugar (This is not part of the recipe. Added it because my colleage says previously – the recipe taste not so sweet)


1. Mix all ingredients until homogenous.

2. Add filling as desired.

3. Baked at 160-180C for 15-40 minutes depending on the size.

Managed to get 22 pieces if using large cup.





So finally my daughter tasted it – and she said .. BOLEH LAAA …. (so so).. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all my friends .. wish you luck !!

Nasha @ CNY 080216