Make reservation to the restaurant – TableApp

The apps is offering an online booking table in the restaurant.
– Help customer to book table online; without having to wait for long queues

Business model – restaurants are charged a monthly fee of rm 300 and
rm 1 per person for each successful booking.

About 115 restaurant already registered to this TableApp, mostly in Klang Valley.

Other apps that could be similar to this:
– OpenRice
– HungryGoWhere
– Eztable – a Taiwan-based online restaurant reservation site

TableApp - easy booking of restaurant tables
TableApp – easy booking of restaurant tables

Bundle Huddle Plan XS – free Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G

Xiaomi Redmi note 4g free when you subscribe new Yes package – bundle huddle xs super postpaid
additional free hotspot device
both worth rm 1069

The plan contract for 2 years.
Deposit rm 589 will be rebate back in 2 years time.

Os – android 4.4 kitkat
processor – 4 core qualcomm snapdragon 1.6ghz
ram – 2gb
miui – Version 5
display – 5.5 inches

Bundle Huddle XS plan - free Xiaomi Redmi
Bundle Huddle XS plan – free Xiaomi Redmi


20140524_120458I was once think that this Abacos is such an old fashion Chinese method of calculating figures. I guess I was wrong now, Abacos the mental arithmetic does give something extra ordinary to my kid. Noticed, sometimes she uses different methods to get answer for other subjects. How she thinks sometimes amaze me. But, I just don’t get it why can’t she score the math subject in school – may be I judge her too early.

Nasha| SKTM2 | 12:22pm

MH370 – MAS missing flight

Feeling sad since yesterday. They announced the MAS missing flight MH370 was ended at Indian Ocean .. I was like clueless when MY PM mentioned that. At first, I was blank – thinking .. whether  it’s true or not .. for all we know .. it could have been true all the time .. just that we can’t accept it. Though I don’t have family member or friends in the plane, but somehow I’m deeply impacted. Recited Al-Fatihah – so long guyz .. see you again the in the hereafter.

To the world who had help Malaysia in the search – i want to say Thank You. We are the world. World had proved that we can be united.


Nasha | HOKL | 9:27am

Cheese Tart

Cheese Tart
Blueberry Cheese Tart

I envy this friend of mine – we called him Tokcik (i believe he’s probably late 40) .. he came to our floor – usually around 6:30pm when every one (the one who stay back) was still glued at their desk – trying to figure out how best to finish their last work of the day.. including me ..

We hear — cheese tart .. cheese tart. At first I can’t be bothered .. until that one day – i tried – my gosh .. so yummy .. fyi – this is not like i’m advertising – more for sharing… so the other day I bought one from outside (elsewhere) – can’t remember where – looks good but tasteless – so in my heart – Tokcik’s cheese tart is still the best.

Nasha | McD | 8:36am

McDonald’s Wifi


I’m in McD now – having a breakfast. I knew they had WIFI facility here. And so – try connecting to WiFI@McD. Upon launches google – the page redirect me to this McD page & had to register name, email & bla bla bla .. So, feeling so neutral – entered everything to register.

After that – just for one time – managed to get connected to goggle page. But it doesn’t last long – soon I got error “page not found” – but i checked the WiFI@McD was connected excellently. Don’t know why. To reduce my frustration – i gave up for now. Used Motorola broadband instead.

Nasha | McD | 8:44am


Received SMS just now. Bodyshop makes my face looks good – they are giving some rewards this weekend 21 – 23 Feb 2014. Free Body Lotion 60ml with any purchase in-store.

Should I go or not – may be not. Scared spending more than expected.