Goreng Pisang Rangup

I must write this before I forget


Finally I tried this.. got the recipe from one of the hotel nearby my office.

Tepung – 3 sudu besar

Planta – 1 sudu besar

Gaul rata

Garam –  3/4 sudu kecil

Gula – 1 sudu besar

Bijan small packet

Warm water 3/4 cup (depending)

Medium heat

Bath & Body Works

Don’t know how many times had we been to BBW.

My daughter loves the PocketBac. You must be wondering what is this PocketBac. It’s a hand sanitizer.


Ayam percen – 25 minit (pressure)

Nasi impit (30+) – 10 minit (pressure)

Nasi impit (6) – 20 minit (pressure)

Nasi Biasa. – 5 minit (pressure)

Jering – 5 minit (pressure)

Tulang – 45 minit (pressure)

Laksa- 10 minit (Pressure –  force method)

Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort

Finally we are here in Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort (BMLT), Perak. Since we are the first timer here, we thought that this place is near to the Lost World of Tambun, which actually not that near.. additional 1 hour could get you to BMLT.

It has been quite sometime. we were thinking of coming here, not until last week when I make a quick research on the place and hotel booking. Since it was a last minute kind of plan, all hotel resort were fully booked. And so managed to get a so called Suria Service Apartment (Phone no: +6058903030) – the nearby apartment inside the resort area itself.

How to get to BMLT – any direction?  Started my journey from KL – reach destination about 3 hours. From the North-South highway heading north, take the exit of Bukit Merah (dedicated exit). From the toll booth, go straight ahead until you see traffic light. Go to the right. I have to warn you, the entrance to BMLT is just about  2 minutes after you turn right. It’s on the opposite site of the road. There is a direction board but it’s covered by trees .. watch out kay. If you missed that, the road will go all the way to Bukit Merah dam. If you make it to BMLT, you will see the entrance if you go further. There’s a small guard house near the entrance area.

How to go to the Hotel/Water Park in Bukit Merah? From the entrance area, your car need to climb a bit of hill kinda road (50 degree) that makes your car slow down. Follow the road (the only road) until you see a small roundabout. Take 9 o’clock, then you will reach your destination.

How to get to Suria Service Apartment? From the entrance area, once you see first roundabout, take 12 o’clock.  Go straight ahead. You will see second roundabout, take 3 o’clock. The scenery over here is so so. You will get to see many abandoned house; no one was actually stayed there (or maybe 1 or 2). Couple of the houses have become Homestay. The Suria Service Apartment is on the right of the road. Once you see like a shoplots hotel 2 storey building on the right of the road, the Suria apartment is just behind it,

If I were to rate – I would give Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort – 3 stars ***. So far I just entered the Water Park (2 places were closed) for maintenance i guess. And if I hear the counter girl correctly, I heard that for the Eco Park, the animal show also is closed. I guessed it has been sometime though. May be this place was nice before, as per photo in the web sites; but not anymore. (Kept comparing with the lost world of tambun) – much more better. May be we have economy issue here. Suggest for the river in the water park to increase it’s depth from 0.5 meter to 0.9 meter. Coz’ I can’t hardly swim – it’s too shallow and it makes my toe hurt. My daughter’s front teeth also kinda crack.


The above pic is the current entry fees.

For those who are budgeting for the trip, hope my expenses below could help you.

Trip – KL to BMLT (as of 13-14/03/2016)


Nasha | KL

Instant Rendang Ayam

Last week I cooked this instant Rendang to eat together with Nasi Arab Bookhari.

As usual, I bought the ready-made Rendang “pes” cost about RM 16 just to try & see how’s the taste like.

For those who’d like to order & try – do contact Agent –

Hanim – +60192644835.


Taste about the same kind of Rendang (if i were to cook from draft – using my own ingredients); just that this instant one is not so spicy & a bit sour.

Don’t know why- my mom-in-law like it. Good to hear that .. at least for me who cook only once a week :).

Lessons learned for me, next round – I will put 1/2 piece of “Asam Keping” instead of 1.



Till we meet again.

Nasha | KL

Nasi Arab Bookhari

Last week – managed to cook Nasi Arab – Mesri Bookhari.

I bought the ready-made ingredient “pes” from Arabian Kitchen for RM 20.

For those who’d like to order & try – do contact Agent –

Hanim – +60192644835.


This is the picture once it’s already cooked.




See you next time.

Nasha | KL




Muffin Cake

Today tried baking Muffin Cake.

I bought the mix floor from office mate who has the bakery nearby her house (One Bakery Ingredients – 002251947-V). Ingredients as follows:

Muffin mix floor – 500g

Egg – 175g (3~ pieces)

Water – 110g

Vegetable Oil/Melted Butter 135g (I’m using Daisy Corn Oil instead)

3 large spoon of Fine Ganulated Sugar (This is not part of the recipe. Added it because my colleage says previously – the recipe taste not so sweet)


1. Mix all ingredients until homogenous.

2. Add filling as desired.

3. Baked at 160-180C for 15-40 minutes depending on the size.

Managed to get 22 pieces if using large cup.





So finally my daughter tasted it – and she said .. BOLEH LAAA …. (so so).. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all my friends .. wish you luck !!

Nasha @ CNY 080216

Nasi Tomato and Ayam Masak Merah

Today I cook Nasi Tomato & Ayam Masak Merah .. waited long time to do this .. and today is the day. Check it out .. Had done this nasi tomato couple of times  – so far my sisters like it – LOVE you SIS.

Nasi Tomato
Nasi Tomato

Share with you the recipe that I took from the net years ago:

Recipe Nasi Tomato

Bahan-bahan (8 orang)

2 cawan beras Basmati – cuci beras. Rendam 5-10 min. Toskan.

2 cawan air + 1/2 cawan susu cair

2 biji tomato – potong dadu + 3 sudu besar sos tomato

1 helai daun pandan

2 sudu kecil garam

Bahan Tumis

2 sudu mentega

2 cm kulit kayu manis. 1 kuntum bunga lawang, 1 biji buah pelaga

1/2 bawang besar, 2 ulas bawang putih – dihiris

Hiasan — Bawang Goreng


Panaskan mentega. Tumis bahan tumis sehingga naik bau.

Masukkan beras. Kacau 1-2 minit. Masukkan tomato, sos tomato, air, susu, daun pandan dan 2 sudu kecil garam.

Masak nasi cam biasa – tabur bawang goreng bila dah masak. …

If you use AMWAY Pressure Cooker to cook – 5 minutes cooking only – select [PRESSURE].

Amway Noxxa Pressure Cooker
Amway Noxxa Pressure Cooker

Usually people eat Nasi Tomato with Ayam Masak Merah. On my previous attempt,  my sis-in-law said I should use more oil then it’ll become prettier 🙂 And she gave some tips too ..  the more sos tomato i put the better ..  so far my Ayam Masak Merah got many comments 🙁 Anyway … I share with you also the RECIPE.

Ayam Masak Merah
Ayam Masak Merah

 Resepi Ayam Masak Merah 

Bahan – bahan (4 orang)

1/2 ekor ayam + garam kunyit

1 biji tomato – potong dadu

3/4 cawan sos tomato

1 sudu kecil garam

2 sudu besar gula

Bahan Kisar

5 biji cili kering ( 1 senduk cili blender)

1 biji bawang besar, 2 biji bawang putih, 1 cm halia,

Cara – cara

1. Ayam gaul garam kunyit, goreng 2/3 masak

2. Minyak masak 1/2 cawan, Tumis bahan kisar hingga naik bau.

3. Masukkan Tomato & Sos Tomato. Tumis hingga naik minyak

4. Masukkan Ayam. Biar kuah jadi pekat sedikit.

5. Masukkan garam & gula sesedap rasa. Padam api setelah masak.

Now .. it’s time to EAT .. almost 12:16pm already .. hungryyyy !!!

My niece – Hidayah


It was a very exciting moment when you see your first photo in the news paper. That has happened to my niece.

Congrats girl, we pray for your success in the upcoming big exam this year.

Hidayah - my niece
Hidayah – my niece

My curry tree got a baby

Ohh yess .. feel so happy today. My curry tree got a baby already and it grows very fast. I love it. Thanks to the new fertilizer.. For the first 2 weeks .. Nothing happens .. Finally today I can see something .. it made my day – today ..


Curry Tree
Curry Tree

Recent update 23/02/2016. I took picture of my lovely curry tree last week. I love them so much. Check it out.



And Pandan Tree also so lively – love you both muahhh…

Pandan tree
Pandan tree

Fyi – I managed to snap fertilizer pics on my way out just now. Check it out.


This is my grown-up pandan tree. See below: